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Great Lakes Internet Tech Center

These instructions must be followed to successfully whitelist an address.

  1. Email a list of one or more addresses to be whitelisted to spamfilter@greatlakes.net
  2. Email must be from the address that has the spam filter. You cannot send it from any other email address, such as a Hotmail or Yahoo account.
  3. The email subject must be "whitelist" (without the quotes).
  4. Each address needs to be on a separate line.
  5. Each address either needs to be a complete address or a whole domain.
    • Complete address example: example@anywhere.com (This will result in any email from this person bypassing the filter regardless of the content of the email.)
    • Whole Domain example: *@anywhere.com (The asterisk must be in front of the @ symbol. This will result in any email from this domain [in this example the domain is anywhere.com] bypassing the filter regardless of the content of the email.)

To remove a address from your whitelist, simply put a minus sign ( - ) in front of the email address or domain to be removed.

A list of addresses to white list would look like this:

(NOTE: In the example below, the whole list is being whitelisted, except for the one with a minus ( - ) in front. The one with a minus is being removed from the whitelist.)


  1. Any line of text other than an actual email address will either be ignored or return a failed response.
  2. Do not send your address book as an attachment. The list of email addresses must look like the list above or be copied and pasted from your address book.
  3. If an address should change, (i.e. some one gets a new service provider) simply submit the new address.

Note: Do not simply forward an email for whitelisting . This will fail and may cause the procedure to malfunction for all users. If this happens too often you will be assessed a repair fee of $5.00 per instance.